LinkEx is growing, ready for any industry challenge

July 08 2022

Written by Jalyn McCain

A decline in available drivers, rising fuel prices, sky-rocketing operating costs and waning customer demand are all uncontrollable factors facing the transportation industry today. Experts have long predicted trucking’s number of available drivers to rapidly dwindle as we approach the year 2030; these numbers have now been further impacted by the global pandemic.

Additionally, fuel has reached a record amount in the U.S. The cost of diesel is up by a staggering 74% compared to the same time last year, making the national average $5.50 a gallon. Rising fuel and truck prices and decreased consumer spending, coupled with post-pandemic supply chain shortages and longer-than-average transit times, have coalesced to create the perfect environment for a possible recession. 

Many companies are preparing for the near future by cutting costs wherever possible. This might present itself as reducing head count, charging customers for previous value-add-only services and/or delaying technology upgrades. LinkEx, however, is proud to assert that we are continuing to provide the same quality service while helping our customers keep their costs at a minimum.

We pride ourselves on continuous investment in both technology and employees.  Year over year, we will see more growth in regards to LinkEx employee numbers than any other year in our company’s history, adding several new positions to further support our customers. Due to the exceptional growth afforded by our expanded employee base, we have also been able to upgrade our Dallas office to a new, state-of-the-art facility. The new building’s advanced technology, chosen in part for its real-time visibility, serves as just one more example of our dedication to impart top-drawer customer experience and superior-level customer satisfaction. 

LinkEx is well-poised to face any situation caused by economic and customer spending trends, which will not change our growth initiatives. We will continue to move forward with laser-focus on maintaining and improving our investments in people, processes and technology by delivering value through our multiple product offerings.