The Power of Collaboration & Thriving During Difficult Market Conditions

December 10 2021

Companies have always relied on employees to collaborate as no successful organization can run without collaboration in the workplace. However, in today’s current working environment, it is more important than ever for leaders and employees alike to effectively work together with one another. In fact, it is our belief, that the power of collaboration is an essential component to the overall success and growth of the company as we continue to navigate through adverse market conditions.

It’s safe to say that the logistics industry has seen its fair share of upheaval over the years; however, nothing compares to what we have experienced because of the coronavirus pandemic. Trucking markets across the globe have been impacted by driver/carrier shortages, warehouse staffing deficiencies and closures, business shutdowns, rising fuel costs, and more.

As countries overseas began to shut down their production in late 2019, we experienced a domino effect that eventually crossed over to the U.S. in early 2020. As operations shut down in the U.S., the significant decline in truck demand resulted in many trucking companies leaving the market. As a result, when supply demand returned, limited truck availability caused market conditions to worsen and enabled carriers to charge a premium and essentially name their price in many areas.

In addition, this chain of events caused many pricing contracts with direct shippers to collapse and, in turn, moved more loads to the spot market and made these customers and loads more accessible to brokerages and third-party providers.

With that being said, how did we compete in a chaotic pricing environment and thrive in such difficult market conditions? Through the power of collaboration of course!

Collaboration in the workplace involves individuals working together towards a common goal across departments, management levels and functions. The purpose is to maximize the chances of success by administering an open, communicative and collaborative experience, which can be beneficial to both the individuals and customers alike. While the pressure on the supply chain provided LinkEx the unique opportunity to work with customers that we may not have had the chance to work with in the past, it was our ability to collectively collaborate with one another that allowed us to hone our skills in developing carrier relationships, negotiation, creative problem-solving, improved communication and customer service that ultimately turned this unpredictable market into a place for us to adapt and grow. Thus proving, the true power of collaboration and its direct effect on our ability to service our customers’ needs!