Saia Logistics, part of the LinkEx family

July 08 2021

What is Saia Logistics? This is a question we frequently receive from people inside and outside of the organization even though in actuality, what we do, every day, is very similar to what you do.

The Saia Logistics team is divided up into operations, customer service, claims, finance, IT, rate management, and analytics – just like LinkEx and Saia LTL Freight.

For instance,

  • The operations team receives orders from customers, finds trucks, and tracks the loads to delivery.
  • The customer service team handles lost drivers, re-consignments, displeased customers, unmanned consignees, and other issues.
  • Finance receives freight bills, audits and pays carriers, and bills the customer.
  • Behind the scenes, we also have analysts managing carrier relationships, claims, rates, and taking care of MercuryGate, EDI and other technical matters.

How is this different from LinkEx? Joelle Haynes, LinkEx’s director of business continuity, said “The main difference is that Saia Logistics doesn’t get paid by the load. Instead, we are paid a monthly fee to provide people, processes and technology for customers. This allows the team to be carrier-neutral and make decisions based only on what’s best for the customer.”