Partner with LinkEx to keep your shipments moving

June 23 2021

Did you know that it has been reported that approximately 26% of contracted truckload shipments are being rejected because of the unavailability of drivers? These shipments are now spilling over into other transportation sectors, further hampering capacity and service.

In fact, the entire transportation industry is currently struggling with capacity constraints. There are several reasons for the congestion – from increased freight volumes and demand, including a pandemic-fueled e‐commerce boom, to many companies reporting very low inventories and the pervasive driver shortage.

As such, transportation companies are implementing several measures to eliminate volume and free up capacity in their networks including applying peak season surcharges, instituting embargoes, and discontinuing service to some customers. These actions have left a lot of uncertainty amongst shippers as they seek partners to keep their supply chains moving.

If you’re currently facing such challenges, especially problems with regard to truckload moves, expedited shipping, or even consolidation and warehousing, we invite you to take a look at LinkEx.

We offer a variety of products and services to help make shipping quick and easy, whether you have freight moving domestically, internationally, or both. We provide expedited deliveries, contract logistics, warehousing, truckload brokerage, and much more.

We have established relationships with thousands of carriers and vendors that can support your freight volume today – even if your business has doubled or tripled in the last several months.

If you and your team are working around the clock to get orders shipped, let LinkEx take that load off your shoulders. During these uncertain times, we work daily to make sure that our customers are our top priority.  By partnering with us, you will reduce any risks associated with capacity constraints and save yourself from unwanted worries – no matter what challenges your business or the industry encounters.