The Enterprise Team Model

January 29 2021

It was not that long ago that our Atlanta, Georgia team managed all of the daily Saia quotes and activity. As we have grown over the years, it was necessary to add resources through our Dallas, Texas team. Fast forward to today and we now have the 12 Saia regions split equally among Atlanta and Dallas.

All quotes that are received from the Saia sales team or their customers are sent to one repository. This makes it much easier to do business with us and offers a better overall customer experience. Associates are assigned times to work and distribute the quote requests to the appropriate teams in real time, which ensures we consistently hit our mark of responding within a 30-minute window.

For many years, our Atlanta and Dallas operations were structured much differently. That didn’t mean that one was better than the other. On the contrary, they were both successful and enabled us to achieve over 65% year-over-year growth in consecutive years with the Saia business. However, we have grown to the point where having both better aligned and structured the same way is paramount to our continued success. Therefore, we rolled out our new truckload enterprise model.

A total of eight members from the respective truckload departments were teamed up in groups of two. Each team is responsible for managing three of the 12 Saia regions, inclusive of quoting and execution of the opportunities afforded to us.

It enhances our ability to more effectively collaborate and ensure consistency throughout the organization.

Let’s review a few of the many benefits to this team model.

  • Enhanced bandwidth, enabling our teams to spend more time developing relationships with carriers – Having a strong stable of core partner carriers is equally important as strong customer relationships in the non-asset based space, particularly considering our current market conditions and tight capacity.
  • Better relationships with both the customer base and Saia Sales team – As our teams have more consistent interaction with customers, we have become much more knowledgeable of individual customer needs and expectations. This enables us to drive more value to those customers and therefore, they become more dependent upon us and entrust us with more opportunities.
  • Each geographic region and market has its own uniqueness and set of challenges – Through working the same consistent regions each and every day, our teams will become well aware of not only the market challenges, but how to effectively navigate our way through them. Our teams will become market specialists.

Continued growth of the Saia business remains a critical success factor for our company and this structure provides significant positives for both us and our customers.